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• Large upright frame with excellent head protection
• Uniformly filled heads with firm internal texture
• High yield potential
• Medium to late maturing with good holdability
• Adaptable to summer and winter conditions

Cabbage -Star 3316


  • Type: A high yielding hybrid cabbage for the fresh market.

    Maturity: Medium to late maturing. Approximately 90 - 110 days from transplant to maturity in summer. Maturity will vary by as much as 10 - 20 days between mid summer to mid winter plantings. Maturity is very uniform with a high first cut percentage.

    Plant Characteristics: A large plant with an upright leaf habit that provides excellent head protection. A plant population of 28,000 plants per ha is recommended for single head marketing, and 35,000 - 45,000 plants per ha for bagging.

    Head Characteristics: STAR 3316 has very firm round to semi-globe shaped heads with an average head size (without frame leaves) of between 3 - 5 kg with an excellent flavour.

    Disease Resistance: STAR 3316 has intermediate resistance to black rot as observed under field conditions.

    Features & Benefits: A large framed hybrid adapted to year round production in areas with moderate winters.

    Fertilization Guidelines: The following is a guide to achieving optimal yields from this hybrid. Grower conditions vary and a soil analysis is recommended prior to planting. N: 150 to 200kg/ha. 70 to 90 kg/ha incorporated preplant. Top dress the balance 14,28 and 35 days after transplanting (no later). P: 50 kg/ha preplant. K: 120 kg/ha preplant. Soil pH: 6 - 6,8

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