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Wynand van der Westhuizen, a local businessman from Tzaneen, Limpopo, founded WD Seedlings in 2010.

All farmers, aspiring farmers and home gardeners can find seedlings to suit their needs at WD Seedlings. WD Seedlings offers a wide selection of different varieties of vegetable and tobacco seedlings. The most common seedlings available for different seasons are tomatoes, spinach, beets, onions, peppers, hot peppers, cabbage and mustard.

WD seedlings have a very advanced and accurate planting system. The most important factor in the entire planting process is the type of medium used, which determines the overall quality of the seedlings. For intensive plant production, WD Seedlings uses greenhouses, which are the most suitable for growing seedlings.

WD Seedlings has invested in modern and advanced technologies in its greenhouses to control temperature, humidity and other factors for the delicate incubation process of seedlings and seeds. All tunnels are controlled by computerized systems, from irrigation to fumigation and drenching. Appropriate hygienic measures are implemented in these tunnels.

Growers are always looking for new and popular varieties to meet the demands of the market, and WD Seedlings is happy to support these growers in their trials. WD Seedlings has a special trial tunnel that makes it easier to give the new varieties the attention they need. The trial tunnel helps them to quickly identify any deviations and correct them as soon as possible. Due to climate change, there are many factors that affect the performance of certain plant varieties, and it is good to try new varieties that are more effective and efficient.

For WD Seedlings, general hygiene is a top priority! WD Seedlings recycles its planting trays and growing medium and uses it as compost in the environment to avoid the unnecessary use of chemicals in the environment. Technological advances have a negative impact on the climate and environment we live in. This means unpredictable weather conditions. These conditions lead to an increased population of pathogens, and our main goal is not to control infestation, but to avoid it at all costs. That is why WD Seedlings stands for environmentally friendly growing systems.

WD Seedlings has the interests of growers in mind: Quality plants mean disease-free seedlings, and that is their goal.


Customers are welcome to visit us in the store! Walk ins are allowed and can buy the products in the nursery.

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